We just sent out this email to all of our customers notifying them that Apex Clearing Corporation will soon replace Penson Financial Services, Inc. as Firstrade’s clearing firm. Here is a copy of the email announcement for your reference. If you have any questions or comments, do chime in below in the comments section.

Dear Firstrade customer,

We are pleased to announce a very positive and important progress regarding Firstrade’s clearing firm Penson Financial Services, Inc.

On May 31st, Penson’s parent company Penson Worldwide Inc. and PEAK6 Investments L.P. formed a new clearing services firm – Apex Clearing Corporation, which will replace Penson Financial Services, Inc. as Firstrade’s clearing firm.

For Firstrade customers, no action is required on your part, everything will continue to function as usual. In the upcoming weeks, we will modify our website and forms to reflect the clearing firm name change.

Apex Clearing is an independent, privately held clearing services firm with strong capital position, enhanced leadership and sophisticated technology; as one of the most valued customers of Apex Clearing, Firstrade will receive superior support and better service quality from our new clearing firm.

Through our 27 years history, Firstrade has always been committed to delivering excellent value and service to our customer through partnerships with top tier service providers. Again, we believe this positive change will not only lead to better customer service quality but also a better trading experience as a whole.

We look forward to exciting times ahead.


John Liu
Chairman & CEO
Firstrade Securities Inc.

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