The Need for Speed

“I feel the need — the need for speed!”

Those words were immortalized in the 1986 classic, “Top Gun,” by hotshot Navy pilot “Maverick” Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise. While referring to the speed of his F-14 fighter jet, truer words cannot be spoken about the importance of speed in executing trades in today’s markets.

When placing an online order to trade a stock, many investors may not be fully aware of what happens next. How their broker is actually executing the trade— at what speed and cost— can have a significant impact in determining whether trades yield good results or not.

Firstrade led the brokerage industry average for fast trade execution. From January-August 2018, Firstrade’s average trade execution speed of 0.068 seconds beat other brokerages, according to a blind comparison report of most online brokerages from S3 Matching Technologies through Apex Clearing Corporation.  The S3 report recorded 0.06 seconds in August 2018. 

In today’s fast-moving markets, this can mean the difference between getting the price you want or missing out. That’s why we work with only the best performing exchanges and market makers, which use the most powerful routing mechanisms available to minimize the amount of time for an order to reach the market.

As always, we’re putting the needs of our customers first by rigorously monitoring and reviewing our trade executions on a regular basis, paying careful attention to price, speed and accuracy to make sure you get the highest quality trade execution and cost savings. We’re also committed to full transparency by providing you with independent third-party measurements of our execution results.

 Lightning fast speed execution— just another reason you chose Firstrade. Even Maverick would be impressed.

 Stay tuned.

S3 Matching Technologies is a financial services software company that provides customized solutions to monitor and analyze trade execution for options, equities, and fixed income securities.

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