Recurring Contributions to Your IRA Make it Easier to Save for Retirement


Many of us have learned to automate parts of our lives to guard against our common proclivity to forget stuff, procrastinate and yes, succumb to sheer laziness.

Too busy to remember to pay that bill? Set up a monthly auto payment. It’s easy, efficient and you don’t even have to think about. Why not do the same with your retirement savings? Well, you can at Firstrade. Open an IRA account today.

Here’s how it works: decide to set aside a certain amount each month or quarter. If you’ve already set up ACH (if not, that’s easy too) in your IRA account, you can choose to make recurring contributions. That’s it, done. Of course, you can always change the amount of your contribution and the frequency whenever you want. The best part?  When tax season comes around, you won’t have to worry about making a large contribution to max out. 

Saving money for retirement can be hard enough. But if you can budget for your rent, monthly utilities and car payment, you can certainly make it a priority to budget for your retirement. It’s simple and seamless for you to save and take advantage of the many benefits that an IRA has to offer.  

It’s easy, efficient and you don’t even have to think about.

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